Howard Davis

Howard Davis received degrees from The Evergreen State College (BA 1976), WSU (BS 1981, MS 1988) and the University of Oregon (Ph.D. 1993). He is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering. His interests include engineering and entrepreneurship pedagogy and assessment, technology development and clinical applications of biomedical instrumentation. He has a wide variety of experiences including high school teacher, entrepreneur (started two companies) and inventor.


Howard Davis has applied for and been awarded 1 grant

  • Malawi Water Cycle

    Began July, 2008 and ended July, 2009

    WaterCycle is a non-profit organization established to improve the irrigation methods of rural farmers in developing countries. These farmers desperately need effective and inexpensive ways to irrigate their crops. The current methods of irrigation are not sufficient as they typically involve individuals carrying water in buckets. This is hard on the physical health of the individual and too slow and inefficient to irrigate large sections of land. WaterCycle believes to have the solution to this problem with our innovative new human-powered irrigation pump. Our current prototypes produce high flow rates, are easily transportable and robustly designed. Total Land Care, a Non-Governmental Organization in Malawi, is testing two of these products on a yearlong program. As a start-up program, our top three objectives are the following: o Provide a commercially available product in Malawi by November of 2008. o Design this product to be easily transportable, highly durable while offering a high flow rate and pressure head with a reduction in the total required work. o Generate lasting business relationships between Washington State University, Bunda College in Malawi, WaterCycle, Total Land Care, along with other local NGOs in Malawi. At WaterCycle our goal is more than designing a pump with superior performance. We are developing a business around this product to maximize the social benefit it provides. We have worked to establish distribution channels, testing protocols, partnerships with manufacturing facilities and most importantly set-up a qualified board of directors which support our team.

    With the team:

    • Dr. James Petersen Director, Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle
    • Ms. Carrie Johnston Grant and Contract Coordinator, OGRD, Washington State University
    • Howard Davis