Kurt Kornbluth

Kurt Kornbluth is the founder of the UC Davis Program for International Energy Technology (PIET). He holds a PhD in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering from UC Davis and is a UC Davis Graduate School of Management Business Development Fellow. Kurt has worked in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency since 1993, most recently at the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center. Kurt started his career in the Detroit auto industry and has a diverse background including implementing appropriate technology projects in Africa and Central America, and as the lead engineer on the Village Power project for DEKA Research and Development in Bangladesh. In 2004-05, he worked with Amy Smith at MIT to develop the curriculum for D-Lab, which exposes students to various issues in developing countries. Kurt received a 2008 World Bank Lighting Africa Development Marketplace grant to disseminate low-cost alternatives to kerosene lighting. Kurt is an active member of Humdinger Wind Energy LLC (http://www.humdingerwind.com/).