Golden Rolodex

© Michael S. Lehman, MD, MBA, 2011, University of Pittsburgh
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Golden Rolodex
Building your network is important as you develop as a business professional. It is important to not only know a wide range of individuals from across different areas of expertise, but it is equally important that they know you, as well. For this assignment, you will begin to strengthen the breadth and depth of your professional network. 
For part one, you will identify five previously unknown individuals to be a part of your professional network. These individuals should include the following: a Pitt engineering student, a Pitt law student, a Pitt student from the health sciences, an individual working in the industry related to your business idea and an entrepreneur. After meeting these individuals face-to-face, record (in a place for your future reference) all of their contact information and a few bullets about their areas of expertise and interest (note: you will be utilizing your new network later on in the course). 
For part two, you will write a two-page paper (followed by the list and contact information/bullets describing your new network) that addresses the following:
·      How did you identify the individuals in your new network?
·      What techniques worked well?
·      What challenges did you face in meeting these people?
·      How were you able to garner information related to their areas of expertise and interest?
·      What have you learned that will help you in growing your network in the months and years ahead?
·      What did you learn in this process that will help you in your business career?
Grading (7% of course grade) will be based on quality of answers, application of what you learned to you and your business and presentation/grammar/spelling.