Team Triangle Count

Clif Kussmaul, Muhlenberg College,
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Team Triangle Count
Students work in teams to count the number of triangles in a
complex figure, and the experience is used to prompt discussion of
a variety of team issues.
Instructor assigns students to teams of 3-5.
Instructor tells teams to count the number of triangles in a
complex figure.
Teams work for 5-10 minutes, instructor circulates to see what is
Instructor tells teams to stop counting and consider the following
·      Who did what on the team? How did you choose these roles?
·      What strategy(s) did your team consider?
·      How did you choose the strategy(s) you implemented?
Teams briefly report their answers to the entire class.
Instructor leads additional discussion if time and interest permit.
team dynamics, decision making, problem solving
·      duration of activity is flexible, depending on content, student interest, etc.
·      requires little preparation
·      focuses on short-term rather than long-term team issues
·      use other tasks
·      follow with a reflective writing assignment