Bruce Corson

Bruce Corson received his B.A. (1970) and M. Eng. (1972) degrees from Dartmouth College, a Diploma (1972) from the ICHPB at the Bouwcentrum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and a M.Arch. (1976) degree from U.C. Berkeley. He has maintained a cross-disciplinary design and consulting practice for thirty-five years. He has won national architectural design awards for accessible housing and energy efficient public buildings. His Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars project was cited by the NY AIA in 60 Notable Projects of the 20th Century. He is a licensed architect in California and has taught engineering concepts in high schools, professional education courses for the AIA and NASA, environmental studies and architectural energy design at U.C. Berkeley and both architectural design and cross-disciplinary collaborative design at Cornell University. His current work focuses on "pre-expert" strategies for fostering collaborative creativity in STEM education and public and private organizational design practice.