Luke Pinkerton

Luke Pinkerton is president and chief technology officer of Ann Arbor-based Polytorx, which he co-founded in 2003. His company manufactures Helix, a twisted steel concrete reinforcement that is now sold in more than thirty countries for virtually all uses of concrete. His work on Helix has received several awards through the years, including The Michigan Technology Tricorridor Award, a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Association (NCIIA) Award for Excellence in Marketing and the Carrot Capital Business Plan Competition. Helix was also featured on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in May 2006.

Luke graduated from Hope College in 1997 with a major in engineering and physics, completed a master’s degree in civil structural engineering at the University of Michigan and earned an MBA from Georgia Tech University.