Open 2012 Conference Papers

Thursday March 22 – Morning
Technology Innovations for Persons with Disabilities (TIPeD): A Program to Develop Impactful Technologies and Teach Students the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
10:30 am – Mason II
Mary Goldberg, MEd and Jonathan Pearlman, PhD
Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh
Teaching Innovation Using Multidisciplinary Collaboration
10:30 am – Mason II
Molly L McClelland & Darrell Kleinke
University of Detroit Mercy
Progress on Making Health Care More Accessible To Rural Communities In Waslala, Nicaragua Using Low-Cost Telecommunications
10:30 am – Montgomery
Pritpal Singh, Sarvesh Kulkarni, Elizabeth Keech, Ruth McDermott-Levy, and James Klingler
Villanova University
Thursday March 22 – Afternoon
The Global Jugaad Commons: Cross Pollinating Concepts across Cultures
2:00 pm – Montgomery
Gunjan Malekar, Khanjan Mehta, Shruthi Baskaran
Pennsylvania State University
Panel: Nifty Assignments in Entrepreneurship Education II
2:00 pm – Sansome
Clifton Kussmaul and Trish Boyle
Muhlenberg College
A New Graduate Course in Sustainable Technology Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
2:00 pm – Montgomery
Anthony J. Marchese, Gregory D. Graff, Paul Hudnut, and Rick Turley
Colorado State University
Developing an Effective Entrepreneurship Program Assessment: Adapting a Model from the Creative Disciplines
3:45 pm – Mason I
Kenneth R. Phillips and Dr. Mick Jackowski
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Friday March 23 – Morning
Design by Example: A Web-based Tool for Context-Driven Biomedical Device Design
9:00 am – Mason II
Rachel Dzombak, Khanjan Mehta, Peter Butler
Pennsylvania State University
First-Year Review of a New Living-Learning Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program for Honors College Freshmen and Sophomores at the University of Maryland
9:00 am – Mason I
Dr. James V. Green, Mr. Jay A. Smith, Ms. Jaclin R. Warner
University of Maryland
University-Based Business Plan Competitions: Does Institutional Environment Affect Participation and Outcomes?
9:00 am – Montgomery
Linda W. Ross and Kimble A. Byrd
Rowan University
If You Build It: A Writing Intensive Cornerstone Course for STEM Students
11:00 am – Mason I
Clifton Kussmaul
Muhlenberg College
Battling 'Senior-itis': Challenging Students with Ideation through Implementation
11:00 am – Mason I
Charles M. Wood
University of Tulsa
Friday March 23 – Afternoon
When Participatory Research and Business Strategy Collide: Lessons from Base-of-Pyramid Ventures
2:30 pm – Montgomery
Andrea Grzybowski, Blair Mathias, Khanjan Mehta
Pennsylvania State University
A Function Based Taxonomy to Connect Engineering Design to Biological Solutions
2:30 pm – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, University of Detroit Mercy
Jonathan Weaver, University of Detroit Mercy
Terri Lynch-Caris, Kettering University
Biomimicry Cards Demonstrate How to Connect Engineering Problems to Biological Solutions
2:30 pm – Mason II
Terri Lynch-Caris, Kettering University
Jonathan Weaver and Darrell Kleinke, University of Detroit Mercy
Developing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Rural Southeastern North Carolina
2:30 pm – Mason I
Dr. Michael L. Menefee and Dr. Leonard Holmes
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Extending the TRIZ methodology to Connect Engineering Design Problems to Biological Solutions
2:30 pm – Mason II
Jonathan Weaver and Darrell Kleinke, University of Detroit Mercy Mechanical Engineering Department
Terri Lynch-Caris, Kettering University Industrial Engineering Department
Saturday March 24 – Morning
Growing Entrepreneurship in Penn State's Ag Space
9:00 am – Mason I
Mark A. Gagnon and Judd H. Michael
Pennsylvania State University
Open Solar Photovoltaic Systems Optimization
9:00 am – Montgomery
Joshua M. Pearce, Michigan Technological University and Queen's University
Adegboyega Babasola, St. Lawrence College
Rob Andrews, Queen's University
Social Entrepreneurship Education for Engineers
9:00 am – Montgomery
Catalina Ramirez, Tiberio Hernandez, Andrea Cardenas, Luis Camilo Caicedo, and Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
From Students to Social Entrepreneurs in Ifugao, Philippines
9:00 am – Montgomery
Diane Tamir, Mahmoud Kabalan, Jordan Ermilio, Pritpal Singh, and James Klingler
Villanova University
Sustainability Frameworks as a Tool for Innovation: Thinking Beyond Consumer-Centered Design in New Product Development
11:00 am – Jackson
Xanthe Matychak, Rochester Institute of Technology
Cory Brown, Ithaca College
Creating and Assessing a New Class of Entrepreneurially-Minded Engineers
11:00 am – Mason I
David Pistrui, PhD, Acumen Dynamics, LLC and Kern Family Foundation
Ron Bonnstetter, PhD, Target Training International, Ltd.
Bill J. Bonnstetter, MA, Target Training International, Ltd.
Cynthia C. Fry, Baylor University
Linking Entrepreneurial Education Practices, Learning Satisfaction, and Learning Effectiveness
11:00 am – Mason I
Chien-Chi Tseng and Jamie Kraft
University of Florida