Open 2012 Conference Presentations

Keynote Presentation with Steve Blank
Crossing the Rubicon: Entrepreneurial education at the lean crossroads
Over the past fifty years, the science- and technology-based startup has emerged as a critical model for commercializing new ideas. But great technologies don’t automatically attract users and thrive. While business schools have for decades taught aspiring leaders how to execute known business models for large companies, startups search for and discover business models for sometimes undiscovered, emerging markets. Instead of a “b-school” approach, Steve Blank maintains that now is the time for the rise of the “e-school”: teaching a 'lean" approach to venture creation. Successful serial entrepreneur and Professor Steve Blank will delve into the Lean LaunchPad method and its implications for technology entrepreneurship education in the US.
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Thursday March 22 – Morning
10:30 AM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Molly McClelland
10:30 AM – Mason I
Brooke Envick, Jon Down, Paul Marsnik, Robin Anderson
10:30 AM – Montgomery
Jamie Cignetti, Pete Schwartz
Thursday March 22 – Afternoon
2:00 PM – Montgomery
Gunjan Malekar, Khanjan Mehta, Shruthi Baskaran
2:00 PM – Montgomery
Anthony Marchese, Gregory Graff, Rick Turley
2:00 PM – Mason I
Brian Lilly
3:45 PM – Mason I
Darian Unger
3:45 PM – Sansome
Burt Swersey, Douglas N. Arion, John Ochs, Kathy Allen, Michael Lehman, Tim Stearns
Friday March 23 – Morning
9:00 AM – Mason I
Emily J. Carter, Robyn Laur Russell
9:00 AM – Mason II
Khanjan Mehta, Peter Butler, Rachel Dzombak
Friday March 23 – Afternoon
2:30 PM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Jonathan Weaver, Terri Lynch-Caris
2:30 PM – Mason II
Darrell Kleinke, Jonathan Weaver, Terri Lynch-Caris
2:30 PM – Montgomery
Karen Loeb, Renee A. Botta
2:30 PM – Montgomery
Andrea Grzybowski, Blair Mathias, Khanjan Mehta
Saturday March 24 – Morning
9:00 AM – Mason I
Peer Sathikh
9:00 AM – Mason I
James Collins
9:00 AM – Mason I
Judd H. Michael, Mark A. Gagnon
9:00 AM – Montgomery
Pritpal Singh
9:00 AM – Montgomery
Adegboyega Babasola, Joshua Pearce, Rob Andrews