Nursing Home of the Future


NCIIA's Nursing Home of the Future: a partnership with Johns Hopkins University

The aging of the Boomer generation has hardly gone un-noticed, with companies rushing to meet the needs of this segment of society.  One area that remains a challenge is how to meet the healthcare needs of this demographic as they age, and how do nursing homes and assisted living adjust to the shifts in expectation and lifestyle presented by this group. In addition, delivering healthcare into the homes of the aging boomer population and developing products and services that allow the boomer generation to stay at home, longer, safely, and without shifting the burden of care unduly to family, present unique challenges and opportunities.

NCIIA's IdeaLab

IdeaLab provides a transformational entrepreneurial experience to undergraduate and graduate students while creating solutions and capitalizing on opportunities to address far-reaching societal challenges. 

Over five days, 50 selected students will immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial process and use it to develop solutions to problems confronting the challenge faced by providing elderly care to the boomer generation; they will engage in intense brainstorming around solutions; and produce commercialization plans for new products and services by the end of the week.

The program will use curated public domain information about the challenge this aging population presents in terms of prevision of healthcare along with the vast informational resource offered by In addition the work undertaken by the Business Innovation Factory of Providence Rhode Island on Nursing Home of the Future, which can be found here, will also be incorporated.

Relevant industry partners will be sought and will serve as judges at the end of the week to award seed funding to the most promising ideas. The expectation is that a number of the student teams that will form during IdeaLab will work over the ensuing year to bring their ideas to the marketplace.

To get involved, contact James Barlow at Read more about this new program here.


Advancing biomedical innovation

This week, NCIIA announced the 2011 winners of the sixth annual Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship competition competition.

1st place, winning $10,000: Magneto: Magnetic Induction Internal Bleed Detector team from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

This device allows detection of internal bleeding complications after catheterization procedures through the femoral artery.

Read more about the winners.

Some of NCIIA's important innovations

Intelliject - the Epicard

  • Funded in 2000
  • Innovation: an automatic epinephrine injecting system that is credit-card sized and easy to use.
  • Company: Intelliject. In 2009, the company announced an exclusive license worth $230 million with Sanofi-aventis U.S.


  • Second place 2008 NCIIA BMEidea Awards
  • A new access tool that allows surgeons to perform laparoscopic procedures through one incision

Antenatal Screening Kit

Rapid Hypothermia Induction Device

  • Won 2010 BMEIdea Awards cash prize of $10,000
  • Innovation: a device that EMT personnel can use to  administer a therapeutic hypothermia treatment to cardiac arrest victims, to greatly improve their chances of survival upon reaching hospital.


Accelerating university innovations: Funded by NCIIA in 2002, The MarrowMiner has revolutionized the harvesting of bone marrow and the stem cells bone marrow contains. Inventor Daniel Kraft described the MarrowMiner on TED.