'Open 2010' Speakers


Doug Richard: The Entrepreneurs' Revolution

Keynote, Thursday March 25, 1pm.

Doug, founder of the School for Startups, will give the keynote address at Open 2010, the NCIIA Annual Conference. Known in the UK and the US as an outspoken and leading entrepreneur, Doug will address:

  • Why the public interest is best served by self-interest;
  • Why the most successful enterprises are all social enterprises;
  • Why entreprenuers are never born only made;
  • Why the US must learn to export entrepreneurship not merely to the rest of the world but the rest of the nation;
  • Why governments can only create playing fields;
  • Why capital is not what limits the rate of entreprenuership; and
  • Why universities are our best hope for cultural change.


Steve Blank

Breakfast plenary, Saturday, March 27, 8:30am

Steve is the author of the hottest book on marketing today: Four Steps to the Epiphany. He started up eight high tech companies during the boom time in Silicon Valley 1978-1999; he's since taught entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and the Columbia University/Berkeley Joint Executive MBA program. The "Customer Development" model that Steve developed in his book is one of the core themes in these classes.