Best in the world - UC Berkeley's ARUBA E-Team makes NASA's 'top 10' list

UC Berkeley's ARUBA E-Team has been named by NASA as one of the world's top 10  projects that is 'contributing tangible progress to some of the greatest water challenges facing our planet.' The team is highlighted on NASA's Launch-water website. Take a look.

The innovation: ARUBA (Arsenic Removal Using Bottom Ash) removes arsenic from drinking water using bottom ash, the fine gray powder that piles up at the bottom
of furnaces at coal-fired power stations. The ash is coated with ferric hydroxide, which binds to arsenic. The ash can then be removed from the water through filtration.

The ARUBA E-Team attended NCIIA's March Madness for Mind showcase in 2007. Next Saturday, March 27, March Madness for the Mind 2010 will be held at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Your chance to see the world's next great innovations!