2009 Intel ISEF/NCIIA winners

2009 Intel ISEF winners:

Gone with the Windmills: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of an Oscillating Wind Energy Generator
Ryan Cherian Alexander
R.C. Clark High School, USA

A Styrofoam-Decomposing Bacterium from Mealworms
I-Ching Tseng
National Taichung Girl's Senior High School, Taiwan

A Novel Method for Measuring Sonoluminescent Spectra
Lyric Elizabeth Gillett
Cornerstone High Homeschool, USA

Designing and Characterizing Zinc Oxide Nanotube Based Hybrid Solar Cell
Enes Guney & Ahmet Rasit Yildirim
Private Beyliduzu Faith Science High School, Turkey

Harvesting the Heart's Energy Using Piezoelectric Materials: A Comparison of Right Atrial, Right Ventricular, and Left Ventricular Pacing Sites
Christopher Ryan Ho, Alexander Scott Ditter, & Atmananda Mitra Persuad
Champlin Park High School, USA

Using Wasted Heat Energy of a Car with Thermoelectric Modules
Thomas Keith Houser
De La Salle High School, USA

Degradation of Antibiotics in Waste Water
Jan Justra
Gymnasium Brno - Reckovice, Czech Republic

Analysis of Nanofiber-based Scaffolds
Abigail Rose Lewis
Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, USA

Alexis Omar Lopez
Celebration High school, USA

Natural Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 Inhibitors: A Future Innovation in Food Safety
Abbey Elaine Thiel
Isabel High School, USA

Neural Network Modeling: An Innovative Time and Cost Efficient Approach for Anti-Cancer Drug Development
Monica Roy Chowdhury
Blue Valley High School, USA