Wyoming $10K Entrepreneurship Competition


United States
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Clarkson University - $29500.00

This program will help create E-Teams to compete for the University of Wyoming's $10K Entrepreneurship Competition. The competition, started in FY 2001, rewards students who have excellent business plans for viable ideas with financial support to take their projects to the next level. In addition to financial support, through the process of preparing for the competition, the $10K Entrepreneurial Competition provides students with a thorough education in business planning and entrepreneurship, mentor contacts, and networking opportunities. The addition of E-Teams adds a new dimension to the $10K competition by providing additional support to students throughout their process, and by helping students form teams. The program encourages the formation of well-rounded E-Teams composed of students from different disciplines, through "student mixers" where students can network after listening to a guest speaker. E-Teams receive funding for project materials, to supplement UW's business plan writing course fees, and for intellectual property protection.

NCIIA funding will also be used to expand the existing list of entrepreneurs available for E-Team mentoring, and to fund venues for students to work with their mentors. Funds will also be used to support the 10K project itself, the competition's newsletter, website, and judging process.