Portland State I2V breaks all records!

Big shout out to NCIIA student ambassador Adam Smith (pictured) who helped organize last week's Invention to Venture workshop at Portland State University. Over 200 would-be entrepreneurs attended, a record for any NCIIA-organized workshop. Said Adam:

"As co-planner of I2V Portland, I couldn't be happier with the turnout and quality of this year's event. With six phenomenal speakers and 207 registrants from eight regional colleges and universities, it turned out to be a fantastic networking opportunity for student entrepreneurs, faculty, and regional business leaders.

It's clear to me that the level of interest in entrepreneurship among students may be very underestimated, especially among my peers at Portland State! For the event itself, we wanted to inspire and empower students by hearing first-hand from successful entrepreneurs they could relate to. From here, there is so much we can do to keep the momentum going by providing resources and guidance to get more student-led ventures off the ground. I'm really inspired to think of the social and economic benefits that could result from innovative new companies and technologies that will grow from this type of exposure to the types of programs offered by NCIIA."