R2I at CCI: North Carolina State University

CCI Phase I: Center for Molecular Spintronics

This Phase I CCI will explore promising molecular materials for spintronics: diamagnetic metal complexes of phthalocyanines, bistable paramagnetic molecules, and semiconducting oligomers. The highly integrated research program will include synthesis and characterization, detailed surface structure and bonding studies, spin injection and transport measurements, and computational modeling. The initial goals of the interdisciplinary team of researchers are to elucidate the structure-spintronic property relationships of paramagnetic complexes and also to study how the electronic structure and magneto-electronic structures of these molecules are influenced by integration into solid state environments.

The Center for Molecular Spintronics will develop new coursework in the emerging field of molecular spintronics. Students and postdoctoral researchers trained in this interdisciplinary (chemistry, physics, materials science) environment will be prepared to be scientific leaders in this field. The Center for Molecular Spintronics will partner with the local and regional companies to ensure that this science can be incorporated into the next generation of molecular electronics and nanotechnology innovations.