R2I at CCI: Oregon State University

CCI Phase I: Center for Green Materials Chemistry

The Center for Green Materials Chemistry will develop a fundamentally new chemistry-based platform for synthesizing environmentally benign, functional inorganic films. Three key research areas include (1) develop new nanocluster chemistries using abundant, environmentally benign metals;(2) use these chemistries to produce previously unrealized nanostructured laminates and composites; (3) apply these chemistries to the fabrication of vertical transport transistors.

Aqueous-based processing of functional inorganic films can reduce the costs of electronics manufacturing and enable the use of large-area substrates while simultaneously reducing chemical hazards and waste. The Center has strong industry partnerships. The Center Education Plan will promote early entry and short time to degree, broadened perspectives, and collaborative mentorships. The Outreach Plan includes the production of captivating imagery and videos to illustrate technically demanding material and the human element of science.

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