mystartupXX: Empowering the Next Generation of Female Technology Entrepreneurs

University of California (UC), San Diego, 2010 - $28,600

Despite female entrepreneurs now making up nearly 50% of all entrepreneurs in the US, female founders are severely underrepresented in technology startups—in the first six months of 2010, 92% of technology startup founders were males. But at the same time, data shows that women-led high-tech startups generate higher revenues per dollar of invested capital and have lower failure rates than those led by men.

This grant supports development of a new program at UC San Diego, mystartupXX, (named for the female chromosome) that will target female students for invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship education. The program objectives are to: encourage and empower women to participate in the technology startup process; stimulate the formation of E-Teams led by female students; and provide high quality education and training on new venture creation and personal development for women entrepreneurs as leaders of high performance teams.

The teams will receive three months of intensive mentoring and one-on-one business coaching, participate in educational workshops and seminars, learn how to apply management principles to team building and effective leadership, evaluate technology strategies, perform market opportunity assessments, and create the value propositions, business models and financing strategies needed to launch a business. The program will culminate with a demonstration day, where teams will present their ideas to potential investors.