The InVenture Prize: An Undergraduate Invention Competition at Georgia Tech

Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010 - $43,000

The InVenture Prize is an undergraduate invention competition at Georgia Tech that provides incentives, resources, and a structure for student innovation in a fun, high profile, televised event. The second year of the competition (2009-10) involved 300 student inventors, 60 faculty, 1,000 audience members, 50,000 television viewers, $30,000 in prizes, sixteen provisional patents and two utility patents filed, and national media coverage by CNN, NPR and others.

This grant will help transform the competition into a business-launching platform by incorporating a preparatory technology-focused curriculum, a series of high-profile competitive rounds, and follow-on support and mentorship. The top three objectives of the grant are to: increase by 50% from 2010 the number of interdisciplinary teams participating in the competition (as well as the number of teams comprising minorities, the number of teams tackling human needs/social entrepreneurship challenges, and the number of successful teams after the competition); build and strengthen infrastructure for the televised final round of the competition; and continue to use the competition to foster a culture of innovation at Georgia Tech.