NCIIA awards over half a million dollars to build ventures at US universities


NCIIA has awarded $582,950 to support 27 projects from 22 universities across the US. Thirteen E-Team grants were awarded, and fourteen Course and Program grants.

NCIIA awards $2 million annually to support university-led technology entrepreneurship, funding that has resulted in the launch of more than 100 ventures.

Among the new E-Team grants awarded:

  • A team from Georgia Tech developing a cell encapsulation system for treating diabetes more effectively.
  • A University of Virginia team developing PuzzleCast, a modular cast that treats broken arms by allowing an increasing range of motion to the damaged limb over the healing period.
  • A team from North Carolina State University developing 'Light Detection and Radiation' (LiDAR), a laser-based system that can be used by remotely operated vehicles to map underwater terrain in real-time.

Among the new Course and Program grants awarded:

  • A new program at UC San Diego, mystartupXX, (named for the female chromosome) aims to increase the number of women entrepreneurs by targeting female students for invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship education.
  • A new interdisciplinary entrepreneurial “green building” program at Norwich University that will engage E-Teams comprising seniors in business, architecture, engineering, and construction management.