CCI: Investors describe the angel/VC community

An important first step in starting a successful new venture is getting familiar with the angel and venture capital community. How does the investment process work? How do you get started? Listen first-hand to what these investors and entrepreneurs say about engaging with the community.
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Breardon "Angels are investors not just to make money, but because we have a passion for startups and a passion for entrepreneurs" ... more
Greenwald "In terms of engaging with investors both at the angel level and the venture capital level—there’s a continuous learning curve." ... more
Lord  "What we’re really looking for are companies that are innovating with technology in such a way that that technology gives them some sort of barrier to entry from the competition." ... more
Verrill "Our investment process starts with generating deal flow. We do that through a variety of sources." ... more
Contente "Angel groups [are typically populated by] people who have grown and successfully sold or successfully merged out of companies and are looking to keep their hands in and stay involved." ... more
Balke "It’s really about being big." ... more