The importance of advisors

Having good advisors and mentors is key to the success of any young entrepreneur (and, by extension, any new venture). Mentors can offer access to their networks, sound advice, and business planning input. Listen as the following five professionals explain why mentors are so crucial.
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"Get a mentor who knows your industry. That mentor will help you assess the market opportunity many times." ... more
David Verrill
Founder & Managing Director at Hub Investment Group, LLC
"You need to find people with a high degree of credibility, expertise in your field, and you need to convince them that they need to advise you." ... more
Joseph Steig
Venture Development Manager, NCIIA
"You should find somebody who’s willing to tell you the hard things—willing to give you really honest advice and where you blinds spots are." ... more
Katie Rae
Managing Director of TechStars Boston
"Most people out there doing mentoring love nothing more than to help you." ... more
Dr. Linda Plano
Principal, Plano and Simple and former Assoc. Director of the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center
"First and foremost, the challenge that any young entrepreneur faces is the willingness to listen." ... more
Ham Lord
Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group