Importance of the team

The team you assemble to commercialize your new technology could very well be the most important factor in determining whether or not the venture will be successful. Investors want to see high-functioning, interdisciplinary teams capable of tackling the many challenges that lie ahead.
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"We're looking at: do these teams function well together? Are they diverse enough? Do they complement each other enough to grow a real business?" ... more
Katie Rae
Managing Director of TechStars Boston
"What I want technologists to understand is that in order to have the right skill set to be an entrepreneur, you really have to understand what it takes to build a company." ... more
Ham Lord
Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group
"If you're going to found a company, people are probably the most important ingredient from day one." ... more
Dave Greenwald
Co-founder and CEO of Relay Technology Management
"Just the knowledge of realizing that I need to be interdisciplinary is a very, very important thing." ... more
Dr. Judith Giordan
Venture Founder, Investor, and Former Fortune 100 Executive
"Nobody can do everything. In fact, what investors like in particular is a team." ... more
William Contente
Partner, Gessmer Updegrove and Chairman of the Board of Launchpad Venture Group
"The first thing we look at is the team that's been put together. How robust is the team in terms of skill set?" ... more
Anita Brearton
Managing Director, Boston Forum Leader at Golden Seeds