Investors' perspective on university tech startups

Investors don't look at university startups all that much differently than non-university startups. They want to see the basics: is there a market for this technology? Do people need it? Is the team in it for the long haul?
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"When we look at a university startup, we don't look at it any differently than a non-university startup. We look for the basic things." ... more
David Verrill
Founder & Managing Director at Hub Investment Group, LLC
"What you want to see is somebody [on the team] who truly believes the technology has potential outside the laboratory and outside scientific journals, and they want to make that happen." ... more
Ashley Stevens
Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research, Boston University
"First of all, we look for customer validation. So one of the things we're going to do when you talk to us about your product or technology, is we're going to go out and talk to prospective customers." ... more
Hambleton Lord
Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group
"The first thing is focus. I've seen lack of focus kill more companies than anything except possibly lack of money." ... more
William Contente
Partner, Gessmer Updegrove and Chairman of the Board of Launchpad Venture Group
"If we're looking at a technology company, we look to see if there's a first application. If the technology isn't quite ready to go into market, we look for validation from prospective customers." ... more
Anita Brearton
Managing Director, Boston Forum Leader at Golden Seeds