Women's perspective on entrepreneurship

The experiences of women scientists and entrepreneurs is usually quite different from men. Women entrepreneurs face a number of distinct challenges, from not being taken seriously all the way to lack of access to capital. These three women entrepreneurs and executives discuss the challenges and opportunities.
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"Unfortunately there are still challenges to being a woman scientist. They're numerous and varied." ... more
Dr. Susan Leschine
Professor of Microbiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Founder of Qteros, Inc.
"We all view the world with a different lens...Our challenge is not to use those lenses as a negative opportunity for cutting out possibility." ... more
Dr. Judith Giordan
Venture Founder, Investor, and Former Fortune 100 Executive
"We believe there are some very talented women entrepreneurs that deserve to be funded." ... more
Anita Brearton
Managing Director, Boston Forum Leader at Golden Seeds