Support for entrepreneurs

Investors are not there only to provide initial funding and to exit the company as soon as possible. Many investors and investor groups will take on an advisory role and provide their expertise where needed.
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"If we really like what we see, and we're intrigued by the science, one or more of the people within our group will work directly with that individual or department. And we'll help out in a number of different ways." ... more
Ham Lord
Managing Director at Launchpad Venture Group
"I help people figure out where the gaps are in their programs--I help them figure out where the gaps are in their strategic thinking." ... more
William Contente
Partner, Gessmer Updegrove and Chairman of the Board of Launchpad Venture Group
"We try and put programs together that are going to be meaningful and valuable to the entrepreneurs." ... more
Anita Brearton
Managing Director, Boston Forum Leader at Golden Seeds