Stanford University, 2011

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a condition in which a patient’s salivary glands fail to work properly, resulting in pain, mucosal sores, dental bills, loss of taste, trouble speaking and depression. This condition affects seven million people in the US and can stem from a variety of reasons, including radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, as well as autoimmune disorders, chronic illnesses and poly-pharmaceuticals. For xerostomia sufferers, current solutions are primarily limited to salivary substitutes that require active application several times a day but do provide limited and temporary relief. At night, patients tend to wake every few hours and therefore suffer from sleep deprivation.

XeroTray is a passive device that provides relief from xerostomia by the timely release of moisture stored in a mouth guard, freeing patients from frequent application of salivary substitutes and protecting the teeth and gums.