Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for International Collaboration (Planning Grant)

Beloit College, 2012 - $8,000

Beloit College, a liberal arts school, is home to the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education (CELEB), which provides opportunities for experiential learning in support of the college’s entrepreneurship education program. To date, CELEB has been successful in attracting students from pre-business, the arts, and communications, but only a few science, mathematics, computer science, and pre-engineering students have been involved. This planning grant will support Beloit faculty in developing a new course, Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for International Collaboration, specifically designed to increase the participation of these students. The course will lead students in developing and commercializing new technologies addressing health, energy, or conservation needs in developing countries. It is intended that E-Teams will research the underlying technologies, develop prototypes, test feasibility, cultural appropriateness, market potential and projected costs and attempt to develop a high quality business model. After the course is completed, E-Teams will be able to incubate businesses in CELEB.