Curriculum for Inter-University E-Teams

Illinois Institute of Technology - $19100.00

This project develops two unique interactive courses between Loyola Marymount University (LMU), the lead institution, and East Tennessee State University (ETSU), the supporting institution. The two courses will be New Product Development and Entrepreneurship. Graduate engineering and MBA students from LMU interact with undergraduate/graduate engineering and business students from ESTU. The university teams communicate using ipTeam Suite software for data exchange, design creation and changes, information sharing, messaging and group sharing.

The product concepts focus on space-saving and portable devices, devices for the handicapped and elderly, products that improve the quality of life, and sports recreation products. The instructors feel that this project opens new opportunities for inter-university and industry-university E-Teams to jointly develop innovative projects. The definition of E-Teams broadens to include "E"= Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Electronic Interaction