Global Design Solutions

University of Massachusetts Amherst - 7300.00

The Global Design Solutions Project (GDSP) was conceived in 2001 with a goal of creating partnerships between international corporations and multi-national institutions of higher education. In March of 2003, the NCIIA funded a small planning grant for Phase I of the GDSP; now the NCIIA is funding Phase II, in which Finlandia University collaborates directly with Columbia College to form independent and multi-institutional E-Teams. Other Phase II partner schools include Kuopio Academy and Lahti Design Institute (Finland), Columbus (Ohio) School of Art & Design, and schools in Germany and the United Kingdom. In the fall of 2004, the partner institutions will form the first interscholastic E-Team, consisting of three students from each school. Issues such as communications, logistics, and assessment will be studied to further program development in anticipation of subsequent phases involving multiple, international academic institutions. In the spring of 2005, four joint E-Teams of ten students each will be formed to solve design problems presented by the corporate partners. Each team will include one business student, furthering the cross-disciplinary goals of the GDSP. Future E-Teams are expected to be truly international in scope, bringing together students and faculty from schools in Europe, Asia, and the United States.