University of Colorado at Boulder - $7300.00

Proposal seeks support for development and launch of a web based electronic community guide. The team has developed prototype sites in their local area and are planning to create a system that can be readily transferred to suburban and rural communities in partnership with a small local newspaper. The community guide has partnered in their prototype systems with a local paper that provides content. They sue an advertising and sponsorship revenue model that brings in revenues from an early stage. The project won second prize in a local business plan competition and has had a prototype system operating in a several local communities for some time. In one locations the site had a very high usage rate (2200 hits/week from a community or 4400). Support is sought for computer equipment, web programming services, team stipends, business expenses and supplies. Item $ Requested $ Approved Networked Laser Printer 2,500 0 Web Development/Programming Services 8,500 3,300 ECG Team Members Stipends 5,000 0 Domain Name Renewals and Expansions 800 800 Office Supplies 500 500 Intern Stipends 1,500 1,500 Annual Hosting Service Fees 599 600 Info USA Business Listing Directory 600 600 Total $19,999 7300 The proposal was originally submitted as a replacement for a previous proposal ShopLoco # which was abandoned before the $ was used. They have requested more than the account balance as an additional grant. The project has come a long way. They are operating in a very crowded space, but have identified a niche (suburban / rural) that the larger players have ignored so far with their regional sites. The focus on local politics, issues and information supported by local advertisers, primarily small businesses, could be challenging, but may be worth a try. The team is highly motivated and has strong recommendations.