2008 BMEidea Winners

Pictured above: Back row left to right: Alec Zopf, Northwestern; Kurt Qing, Northwestern; Joseph Wood, Johns Hopkins; Dhanya Rangaraj, Johns Hopkins; Meet Patel, Johns Hopkins Front row left to right: Shonali Midha, Northwestern; Lauren Smith, Northwestern; Sumona Nag, Stanford; Ellis Garai, Stanford; Henry Chang, Johns Hopkins; Hyun-Sun Seo, Johns Hopkins Not pictured: Anup Shah, Stanford


First Prize: Rapid Suture

- Stanford University

Rapid Suture is a small, inexpensive device that allows for quick, safe, and easy surgical tissue manipulation during laparoscopic procedures.


Second Prize: KMC ApneAlert

- Northwestern University

Developing a device for premature infants that monitors abdominal breathing movements and sounds an alarm when the infant stops breathing.


Third Prize: REGEN: Local Delivery of Post-Operative Analgesia

- Johns Hopkins University

REGEN is a small implantable receptacle that diffuses pain-relieving analgesic directly at the site of a laparoscopic incision.

What the 2008 winners were doing 1.5 years after the competition