2007 BMEidea Winners

First Prize: Rotavirus Vaccination via Oral Thin Film Delivery

- Johns Hopkins University

This team has developed a unique vaccine delivery system to take on a virus that kills 600,000 children in the developing world each year. This dry form vaccine will eliminate problems associated with refrigerating and distributing liquid form vaccines in less-developed countries.


Second Prize: enLight: Enabling Life with Light

- Stanford University

This novel treatment for Parkinson’s Disease enables the effective and reliable control of neural activity using light. The device combines gene delivery of a light-sensitive ion channel with an implantable optical stimulator to directly and specifically control the neurons affected by Parkinson’s.


Third Prize: Bioactive Nanopatterned Grafts for Nerve Regeneration

- University of California, Berkeley

This team’s nanofiber graft enhances and guides nerve regeneration in people suffering from peripheral nerve injuries. The Nano Nerve Graft is a tubular graft composed entirely of nanoscale polymer fibers and loaded with bioactive molecules that provide growth cues for regenerating.

What the 2007 winners were doing 1.5 years after winning