2006 BMEidea Winners

First prize: NanoGraft Technologies

- University of California Berkeley

A tissue engineering approach that constructs “smart,” adaptable vascular grafts (Nanografts) from bone marrow stem cells for coronary artery bypass procedures.


Second prize (tie): Ultramed Ultrasound Breast Cancer Detection

- Pennsylvania State University

A breakthrough in ultrasound technology using multi-element, high frequency transducers with scalable frequency ranges to allow real-time tissue biopsies and non-destructive imaging for breast cancer detection.


Second prize (tie): AnemiCAM

- Brown University

A device that allows doctors to quickly and accurately detect anemia (low hemoglobin) in patients by reflecting light in the conjunctiva, within the lower eyelid.


Third prize: Robopsy

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A telerobotic biopsy system that uses a small, disposable actuator device to grip, orient, and insert a biopsy needle from within a Computed Topography (CT) gantry.

What the 2006 winners were up to 1.5 years after winning