Intelligent Mobility moves forward

See this E-Team on NBC. Click here for the video.

Former E-Team Intelligent Mobility International, a non-profit that produces and distributes safe, durable, and affordable wheelchairs made from old bicycles for customers in Guatemala, has been in the news of late.

In April, IMI particpated on the "Extremely Affordable Health Innovations" panel at the World Health Care Congress. Download the podcast interview with IMI, recorded at the WHCC.

Since IMI received an E-Team grant in 2007, the organization has partnered with Transitions Foundation, a Guatemalan disabilities association that mainly employs wheelchair-bound workers, to build and sell wheelchairs in the market. The advantage of IMI's design is simple - wheelchairs made from bike parts are sturdy, cheap, and easy to repair. Last year, IMI was recognized by Popular Mechanics as one of its 'Top 10 New World-Changing Innovations of the Year.'