E-Team Program: Winter 2013

Stage 1 E-Team Program grantees (receiving $5k each):

Stage 2 E-Team Program grantees (receiving $20k each):

Freyr Technologies (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

A platform that allows farmers in both developed and developing countries to optimize their use of nitrogen fertilizer.

ChallTech, LLC (Lehigh University)

A device for competitive rowers that captures workout data on a mobile device, synchronizes it with a web site, and provides an online team management system.

NovaGraft (Vanderbilt University)

An implantable, synthetic, biodegradable scaffold designed to help diabetic ulcer patients heal faster.

PortaTherm (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

An affordable and scalable diagnostic system for typhoid and paratyphoid, designed for use in developing countries.

Barter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Software that uses economic tools to create an internal knowledge marketplace, enabling the free flow of information throughout the organization.

RFA Designs
(Northwestern University)

A Radiofrequency ablation probe designed for the unique challenges of breast cancer.

Nebula Sports (Rochester Institute of Technology)

A headband with force absorption properties designed to protect against concussions while playing soccer.

LuxSano (Duke University)

An innovative combination of two technologies to decrease bacterial counts at the wound site during surgery.

Awair: Breathe Better Technology (Stanford University)

A device that reduces the pain of an endotracheal tube by applying local anesthetic (lidocaine) directly to the airway.

MoringaConnect (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

A platform to provide moringa farmers in Ghana with resources, market connections, and affordable processing technologies for their crop.

Hole Patch (Case Western Reserve University)

A non-toxic solution for cold-weather pothole repair that is faster, simpler, and cheaper than current practices.

Akiba Cooking Solutions (Colorado State University)

An affordable, efficient cookstove for Kenya’s institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

Solarclave (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

A solar-powered autoclave that will allow nurses in developing world clinics 
to be able to sterilize their equipment.

SOUP Spoon Assistive Technologies (University of Detroit-Mercy)

A new spoon, designed to aid individuals with uncontrollable tremors or limited fine and gross motor skills, that avoids spillage when moving from plate to mouth.

FlashFood, LLC (Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus)

A rapid food recovery network that can rescue food that is ready-to-eat from restaurants, hotels, and catered events and deliver it directly to those in need.

eButton: A Wearable Electronic Device for Dementia Care (University of Pittsburgh)

A wearable electronic device that keeps track of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and helps staff understand their health, safety and psychological needs.

The NeurD (Purdue University)

A new tool to monitor and detect the progression of peripheral neuropathy.

Disease Diagnostic Group (DDG) (Case Western Reserve University)

A handheld malaria diagnosis device that provides a diagnosis in one minute with one drop of blood from a fingertip.

IV DRIP: Dehydration Relief in Pediatrics (Rice University)
A simple volume regulator for IV drips that helps prevent overhydration.

Ligadon (University of Utah)
A more effective solution for ligament and tendon recombination surgeries.

OceanComm (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
A wireless modem to enable better communication between unmanned, underwater mining machines and their human operators on the surface.

Vitalnx (Vanderbilt University)
A monitor, located inside a trauma patient’s IV line, that provides early indicators of tissue shock, shortening the time to advanced resuscitation.

RetiCue (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
A portable, eye-worn imaging device that quickly assesses the condition of a patient’s retina.

Renature (Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus)
A novel modular design for a continuous flow aerobic bio-digester that can process organic food waste into concentrated and high value natural fertilizers and soil amendments.