Sustainable Energy Venturing Curriculum Project

University of Colorado - Boulder, 2005 - $9,000

With this grant, faculty from UC Boulder's School of Business and College of Engineering are designing pilot curricula and classes based on sustainable energy technologies and related entrepreneurial opportunities. The faculty team is revising and expanding the existing business school MBA-level course, Sustainable Venturing, to include project feasibility planning and a focus on sustainable energy and marketing. They are also designing a new undergraduate engineering course in sustaining energy technologies, which focuses on technological opportunities and challenges. In both classes, E-Teams composed of business and engineering students identify entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of sustainable energy technology and complete class projects on the feasibility of selected opportunities. The classes are cross-listed in the business school, the engineering school, and potentially in environmental studies, economics, geography, law, and architecture and planning. Students presenting viable business plans will be encouraged to compete in the Sustainable Venturing Business Plan Competition and to enroll in the Business Plan execution course in the following semester.

The goal of this curriculum change is to ensure that the link between the technological skills of engineering students and the entrepreneurial skills of business students is forged through practical, integrated coursework on sustainable ventures.