Development of the Interdisciplinary Design, Entrepreneurship and Service (IDEAS) Course

University of Detroit Mercy, 2005 - $23,500

With this project, NCIIA supports the creation of a pilot E-Team course that emphasizes creativity, interdisciplinary cooperation, entrepreneurship, and community service. The pilot course, planned for fall 2006, will be a single-semester design studio called Interdisciplinary Design, Entrepreneurship and Service (IDEAS) Course and involve a team of seven to eight honors students from architecture, business, digital media and computer science, psychology, and engineering. A team of eight faculty and two administrators will provide different perspectives via lectures on creativity, design, teamwork, business planning, conducting a patent search, and creating a business plan and product pitch. Students will develop projects with an emphais on solving problems in the local community, such as homelessness, healthcare issues, neighborhood blight, and technologies for the handicapped, elderly, firefighters, and police. Should a novel technology emerge, students will be required to apply for an Advanced E-Team grant from NCIIA.