Global Healthcare Technologies Program

Northwestern University, 2008 - $46,000

The Global Healthcare Technologies Program in the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University is an intensive, quarter-long course where students work with front-line healthcare workers to design medical devices specifically for the developing world. Ongoing projects include affordable digital radiology, inexpensive apnea monitoring for premature infants in areas with limited neonatal care, and a tuberculosis tracking system.

The grant will help broaden the program in three ways: 1) develop a curriculum to introduce engineering students to the business, social, and political environment of sub-Saharan Africa; 2) develop mechanisms to identify needs for medical devices in resource-poor environments by establishing an additional site in Uganda; 3) develop relationships with the business community and healthcare professionals to serve as additional mentors for student teams, who will subsequently be coached to apply for an E-Team grant and other sources of support to launch sustainable enterprises.