Design, Development, and Implementation of a Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Course Series at PSU

Pittsburg State University, 2006 - $26,721

This grant supports the creation of a three-course sequence designed to promote entrepreneurship, teamwork, and innovative thinking among undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of plastics, composites, and nanotechnology. The first course, Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship, is an introduction to entrepreneurship and the study of science, engineering and technology enterprise. The second course, Advanced Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship, emphasizes new product development, while the third course, Strategic Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship, examines strategic planning for new ventures in plastics and nanocomposites. Each course is designed for ten to fifteen students working individually or in teams. It is hoped that two or three key projects will be initiated, developed and implemented by students in the second and third course each semester. Courses will move beyond lecture formats to include the use of practicums, field trips to local companies and industries, and case studies.