Research to Innovation


The R2I Program

R2I is a market-focused training program for university researchers and innovators.

R2I provides university innovators - faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students - with the skills, tools and roadmap required to successfully translate their research into commercially valuable innovation.

NCIIA-LENS OF THE MARKET from Scott Hancock on Vimeo.

Why R2I?
R2I exists because technological solutions to many of the planet’s most pressing challenges will be provided by highly trained scientists and engineers through transformative and innovative scientific research. The elusive step: A translation process must take place to transform research into innovations with market potential. 

To effectively translate research into innovations, university innovators must:

1. Understand the steps of the 'research to innovation' translation process.

2. Develop and implement a translation process as a function of their research.

3. Find and engage the on- and off-campus resources to help them.

Who should attend R2I?

1. Faculty, students and post-docs that are addressing challenges by developing solutions with market potential.

2. Tech transfer officers who want to help researchers gain the insights into what from their research can be an innovation.

3. Academic center leaders or department leaders who want to advance research translation in their institutions.


Who's using R2I?
In April 2009, in conjunction with the NSF, NCIIA launched its R2I at CCI (Chemical Centers of Innovation) program. Read about R2I at CCI.


The R2I Program

Three products tailored to your research themes:

Lens of the Market WORKSHOP Invention or innovation? Explore and define the commercial possibilities of your research.

R2I Translation Planning WORKSHOP 
Build an actionable translation plan, and launch this at your institution.

Get the Answers PANEL
Learn from experts to help advance your innovation.


Meet the facilitators

Judy Giordan and Joseph Steig


Bring R2I to your campus

To find out how we will tailor an R2I to your institution's needs, contact Judy Giordan at NCIIA.