ADHD Interactive Technologies

University of Georgia, 2001 - $13,250

ADHD InterActive Technologies (InterActive), an E-Team from the University of Georgia, developed an innovative set of PC-based games and exercises designed to enhance the cognitive skills of children suffering from Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Currently, three to five percent of all children between the ages of four and thirteen have been diagnosed with ADHD. Present treatment options include both drugs and behavioral therapies. Neither treatment "cures" the disorder, nor do they enhance the development of any mental skills on the part of the children.

Most practitioners in this field suggest that ADHD children are deficient in the following six areas:

  • selective attention
  • sustained concentration
  • auditory discrimination
  • visual discrimination
  • impulse control
  • encoding skills
InterActive worked with Dr. Malcolm Smith to develop a series of PC-based games and exercises ADHD children can play to enhance their cognitive abilities in each of the above areas. Based on market research, InterActive concluded there is a large and a highly committed market for these products.