Omoju Miller - University of California-Berkeley

Omoju spent her childhood years in Lagos, Nigeria. She co-founded her first company with her sisters shortly after graduating from high-school. The company was called Top's bakery, after the first initials of the founders names. The company began as a hobby and soon grew to the point where the founders needed additional employees to keep up with the growth. At the same time, the three co-founders where employed at International Packaging Industries of Nigeria plc as inventory clerks. In 1996, she immigrated to the United States of America to further her studies. She received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (2001) and a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2004) from the University of Memphis. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of California at Berkeley; her research focus is in Computer Science and Education. In addition to her academic pursuits, Omoju is interested in pathways of under-represented minority inclusion in technology. She is a frequent contributor to the National Science Foundation broadening participation blog, as well as a member of National Center for Women and Information Technology entrepreneurial alliance.

Since being in the United States, Omoju has worn many hats, in 1997, she co-founded Agbowa Ventures, a real-estate property management firm, with her sister. In 2000, she took a position as a software engineer for Thoughtware Learning technologies, and in 2004, she co-founded Miller Dental Health, a dental care group which specializes in the delivery of quality dental health care and education to low-income families.

After completing her PhD, Omoju plans to continue on the entrepreneurial path by creating a start-up that will focus on developing innovative education solutions for the emerging markets. Her ultimate goal is to create a private equity firm that invests in new technologies for the emerging markets with particular emphasis on sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East.

My life's journey so far has made me a member of some rather interesting networks. I am a mother, a scientist, an educator, and an entrepreneur. I have close associates in the technology industry, beauty industry, health care industry and fashion industry. My life is spent straddling two continents, Africa and North America. My hope is to use my expertise and insider experience to help teams develop solutions that will enable the citizens of developing countries to become full fledged economic contributors in the global market.