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Biodesigning with European Undergraduates: Adaptation, trade-offs and outcomes

Biomedical engineering innovation and entrepreneurship education poses challenges that are not addressed in general entrepreneurship education courses or even in technology-based entrepreneurship education programs. We have adapted the Stanford Biodesign Program to be included in the Bioengineering Master’s program running at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). As part of its curriculum, the Master offers a one-semester, medical-device-specific innovation and entrepreneurship course in which students work with technologies under development at the university. Our work shows how it is possible to adapt an American postgraduate course to a European undergraduate setting, involving both researchers and students. We present the course evolution, from our original proposal to an elective and then a core course in the Master’s curriculum. We also address the process of directly sourcing technologies from researchers, challenges faced in the course design and administration, and the students’ view of the course.

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