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Driving a New Campus Culture of Innovation

What is an army’s strategic plan without its infantry to implement it? It’s an idea on a piece of paper with no tangible results, no achievements. Infiltration and reconnaissance efforts contribute to a greater purpose: advancement and long-term success. The Linking Innovation, Industry and Commercialization (LIINC) program executes WVU’s 2020 Strategic Plan in the trenches, actively serving as the facilitator for increased and improved collaboration between WVU’s research efforts and the private sector marketplace. LIINC has promoted campus-wide dialogue among university members, established corporate relationships, brokered new support for researchers, and elevated the awareness and involvement on campus related to innovation and commercialization. LIINC is a single route in the economic development road map of the State of West Virginia. This presentation will demonstrate the program’s transformative efforts to change the community and campus culture for greater prosperity and development.

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