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Founding Stories of Engineering Education Entrepreneurship Programs: Research to inform practice

This session is devoted to understanding the “founding stories” of entrepreneurship programs for undergraduate engineers. Which conditions facilitate program creation and growth? What is the mindset of the founders? How do programs adapt to changing conditions? How do programs evolve and thrive? These and other questions will be addressed in a two-part format. In the first part of the session, top findings from our recent Epicenter research study of entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. will be reviewed. In the second part of the session, moderators will facilitate a lively panel with entrepreneurship program directors, in order to learn first-hand how programs go from idea to reality. This session is designed to inform entrepreneurship innovators at campuses that wish to build up programming for engineers, as well as entrepreneurship researchers who are interested in mixed-methods studies of programs and organizations. Questions from attendees will be welcome and encouraged.

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