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Flipping the Classroom and Getting out of the Building: The experience of incorporating udacity and startup owners manual in a multidisciplinary entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University

NUvention Web is a multidisciplinary course composed of undergrad and grad students in engineering, business, and other disciplines that has won multiple awards as a standout class in entrepreneurship in its five years of existence. In 2013, NUvention Web adopted the I-Corps curriculum for teaching the entrepreneurship and business elements of the course, combining it with existing software engineering practices in agile development. This talk, by the two core faculty who teach NUvention Web, will discuss what worked and didn’t work in adaptation of the I-Corps curriculum and how the course was revised in 2014 to incorporate the best of both approaches. Specifically, the talk will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating the Udacity MOOC, leanlaunchpad.com tools, team formation strategies, and the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas.