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Entrepreneurship in Southeastern North Carolina: The partnership that works

The Thomas Family Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with funding from the NCIIA has created a flexible entrepreneurship program available to all undergraduate and MBA students. The new program focuses on transforming ideas into businesses, as well as protection of intellectual property. To bring real-world experience into the program, there is collaboration with the UNCP Biotechnology Center in the development of a new biological control product. Additionally, NCIIA seed funding has supplied inertia for the fall 2013 appointment of a graduate student from the School of Business to complete a marketing study aimed at sales and distribution of the developed product. The product, Brave-GuardTM Beneficial Microworms, eliminates agricultural insect pests in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemical insecticides. At present, Brave-GuardTM is being used in several regional field tests.

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