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Open Meetup: Failures! Flops! Successes!

As technical entrepreneurship educators, we are fortunate to work with bright and innovative students, forward-thinking colleagues and institutions that support programs that respond to market and economic demand. Despite all of these attractive ingredients, we undoubtedly encounter challenges on a regular basis.  Often the more new things we try, the greater the probability of experiencing failures, flops and a multitude of frustrations: new courses that aren’t as subscribed as we had hoped, cross-campus programs that don’t produce the interest to justify the investment of time and money, and underutilized creative spaces of innovation. At the same time, plenty of initiatives go on to become great successes.

Come to this Open Meetup to talk about them all: the failures, flops and successes. This discussion will inspire participants to learn from our collective ‘bumps in the road,’ creating stronger programs for NCIIA-member institutions.


Open Meetups are 60-minute, facilitated, participant-driven sessions centered on a particular theme or purpose. There is a track of Open Meetups running throughout the conference program on Saturday, four in total.

Instead of passive listening while one person delivers prepared remarks in front of a PowerPoint presentation, Open Meetups encourage active participation by all attendees. Discussion leaders will provide moderation and structure. They will set the stage and then allow discussion to flourish.