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Social Entrepreneurship Fieldwork: Student self-reported outcomes

The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Program at Penn State brings together students and faculty from diverse disciplines to develop market-centric, technology-based solutions for developing countries. HESE endeavors are integrated into a series of five academic courses. The programmatic learning outcomes encompass competencies in Context-Driven Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Global Engagement, Systems Thinking, Ethical Reflection, Multidisciplinary Teamwork, Communication and Scholarly Research & Publication. Formal assessment indicates that students develop these competencies and mindsets at varying degrees. Students reflect on their experiences at the culmination of the fieldwork course that involves collaboration with multi-sectoral partners to advance ventures. Students’ self-reported personal and professional development outcomes provide a compelling perspective on the multiplicity of meanings that emerge from an intense entrepreneurial experience. These student narratives (n=120) illustrate and embellish pedantic programmatic learning outcomes. They can be leveraged to strengthen fieldwork experiences and develop effective strategies for branding the value of entrepreneurship education.

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