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Lean Launchpad Masterclass with Jerry Engel

The Lean Launchpad (LLP) approach has recently swept into broad adoption as an effective, experiential approach to teaching entrepreneurship. Students learn by doing: proposing and immediately testing hypotheses. They get out of the classroom, talk to customers, partners and competitors and encounter the chaos and uncertainty of commercializing innovations and creating new ventures. In this masterclass session led by Jerry Engel, NSF I-Corps National Faculty Director and co-instructor with Steve Blank of the LLP Educators Seminar program, best practices will be presented and discussed with a panel of seasoned instructors who have deployed the LLP approach in different disciplinary environments. The session is designed for experienced LLP instructors and those who are new to it. The session will be highly interactive, drawing on the experiences of panelists and attendees alike. Participants will take away new perspectives on effectively engaging students, overcoming barriers and deploying new learning and teaching tools.